All PhD students from Scotland, rUK and beyond can attend! However, we cannot help with visa letters so we expect that attendees from abroad organise their visas before registering for summer school.

We also welcome participants from other stages of career: postdocs, MRes, researcher and practitioners. 

Yes! After the success of running a three-day Summer School in 2016, we've decided to make Summer School 2017 three days again. That is, three days filled to the brim with exciting courses, and potentially also ice cream. 

The administrative fee for attending Summer School 2017 is £20 per day. This includes refreshment breaks and lunch catering, and for Scottish students based outwith Edinburgh also accommodation (although we may not be able to book all the accommodation so in some cases you may need to book your own and claim back costs). We do not organise or fund accommodation for rUK and RoW students, or for students at MRes level, early career researchers or practitioners. 

In order to secure a place at the Summer School you must pay the fee.

Registration will close on 19 May, but popular courses are very likely to book out before that so we encourage early registrations. 

Sorry, all registrations have to be made through this website.

No. You have only registered for Summer School if you have gone through the registration process on this website.

We need your pathway as we still have some pathway-specific events. If you do not know which pathway you belong to, please make a qualified guess. 

Yes, at Summer School 2017 we have no events that are pathway-specific. 

We're really sorry but most events are only given once. Toss a coin to pick, or invent a way of splitting yourself into two. If you manage the latter, please let us know how you did it...!

The vast majority of our course places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Therefore we encourage speedy bookings to avoid disappointment!

In 2017 we have one course intended for women participants only. 

Yes there is! All events have waiting lists; if a place becomes available it will be offered to the next person on the list. We ask all attendees to respond to emails regarding being offered a place from the waiting list. If you do not respond we may proceed to cancel your place on the waiting list in order to offer the place to the next person waiting. 

You will automatically be added to the course if you are the first person on the waiting list. To accept the place you do not need to do anything. However, if you prefer to NOT take the place, please do log in to remove it from your itinerary to ensure that the place is offered to someone else!

The registration fee is non-refundable. You may cancel without further penalty until 28 April. After this, a cancellation fee may apply. If you have requested accommodation and fail to attend the summer school without good reason, you must also reimburse the SGSSS for the costs incurred on your behalf.

The SGSSS is happy to arrange accommodation for students from institutions in Scotland (but not institutions in Edinburgh) who will be attending several events. 

Accommodation will be in student halls; in cases where this is unsuitable, i.e. those travelling with children etc, please contact in the first instance. We will most likely be giving you advice but we cannot guarantee that we will book accommodation for you if you fall in this category. We will also only be able to reimburse to the same level as the cost of a single room. 

The SGSSS is committed to widening access to advanced training for doctoral students all over Scotland. The accommodation in Edinburgh is intended for use by those who cannot reasonably travel to the University of Edinburgh central campus from their home institutions for the duration of the summer school. If you applied for accommodation but were not granted it, it is likely that one of the following apply:

  1. you attend an Edinburgh institution (or the system thinks you do as you have selected the wrong institution)
  2. you applied for the summer school after 1 April.

In these cases, regrettably, we are unable to assist with booking or cost of accommodation. 

Students attending SGSSS member institutions outside Edinburgh are entitled to apply for help with the cost of travel within Scotland. Students are asked to book their own travel, which will be reimbursed to a maximum of £50* for those staying in SGSSS provided accommodation, or £25* per day for those commuting from institutions based in other cities. Details of how to claim this reimbursement will be available after registration.

*Please note that taxi fares and/or travel within Edinburgh are not covered except in special circumstances, which must be discussed with the SGSSS in advance.

The SGSSS assumes that students will be travelling from the city/town in which their institution is based. We will only reimburse the amount equivalent to the trip from your home institution. For example, you are a student at University of Dundee but are planning to come directly to Summer School from London. We will reimburse the equivalent amount it would have cost you to travel from Dundee to get the Summer School. We may also require a statement from you explaining this, for a clear auditing trail). If you plan to travel to Edinburgh from somewhere other than your home institution, please advice us in advance by email

Welcome to Edinburgh! Because of our funder's policies we are unable to assist with costs for travel and accommodation for students from rUK/EU/RoW institutions. 

The SGSSS assumes that students will be travelling from the city/town in which their institution is based; if you attend an Edinburgh institution we are unfortunately not able to assist with costs.

In order to use WiFi on University of Edinburgh grounds, you should register with Eduroam. Please note that this must be done through your own institution before the summer school. For more information about this process, please refer to your home institution's IT department. There is probably a lot of information available through their website.

If you do not have an Eduroam account, you will not be able to access the WiFi.

Yes, there is a lift to all levels; there are disabled access bathrooms on each floor. Please do let us know at the time of registering what special access requirements you may have so that we can support you.

For discussion on individual needs, you are always welcome to email us on - we'll be happy to send you a detailed access report for the building. 

Please try to ensure you enter these details as early in the booking process as possible, to ensure we have enough time to plan accordingly. If you need to change your details for this later on, please contact us by email at

Academic staff, irrespective of location of home institution, can attend as long as they are aware that the level of courses on offer is PhD student level, and course organisers will not adjust the level. 

If you have clicked to complete your registration and proceed to payment, you have locked your itinerary and new courses cannot be added - unless you contact the SGSSS Event Team to have your profile unlocked again. This is easy to do, but please note that a) adding courses on more days will mean that you need to make additional payment of the fee, b) unlocking can take a few days depending on our workload, and c) we cannot guarantee places on additional courses.